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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

 A traditional KOREAN KARATE martial arts school for the whole family!  

  tang soo do 


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Whitecrest Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching and the preservation of the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.


We believe in teaching every aspect of Martial Arts, not just sparring but self defense, 

forms, breaking, and conditioning.

We will help guide the students to achieve balance in their training. Students will learn

speed with control and power with restraint.


We will build their confidence while also teaching them humility. These attributes are

necessary to the maturation of a student, not just in the dojang but in their lives as well.

Here at Whitecrest Martial Arts, we strive to create a positive environment for students to learn.                                                                     


One of the first lessons for any student is respect. Not only will a student learn to respect others but themselves as well.

Students will earn everything at Whitecrest Martial Arts. Rank is not automatically given just because someone paid for lessons; it is a merit based system.

Everyone will work hard and test to earn their belts. Martial Arts are designed for everyone, regardless of age or gender.        




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Master Stock has been training in the Martial Arts for over 30 years and has earned a 7th Degree Black Belt in the Art of Tang Soo Do.  In September of 2015, he was inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame.

His first exposure to the Martial Arts was as a young boy when his mother signed him and his brother up for Judo lessons.  It wasn’t until he was a teenager that Master Stock was able to start training again.  While living in Pennsylvania he convinced his parents to let him try Karate.  He found a small school in the same town and tried it out.  He had no idea what Tang Soo DO was but he was hooked immediately. 

Tang Soo Do is a Korean form of Karate.  Although Karate is a Japanese term it was a big influence on the formation of Tang Soo Do.  Tang Soo Do is based on the ancient Korean styles of Soo Bahk Do and Tae Kyun.  Its roots go back thousands of years. 

Master Stock has taught hundreds of students over the years and has even promoted many to the rank of Black Belt.  Some of his students have also achieved the title of Kyo Sa Nim, a Certified Instructor. 

By remaining independent of Martial Arts organizations, he is able to keep the politics away from his students and not be required to charge them large joining fees that don’t offer anything in return.  He is devoted to making sure that his students are getting the most out of their training.

Master Stock started Whitecrest Martial Arts in April of 2013 so he could offer students a positive place to train.  There are no hidden fees or crazy obligations.  Each student will progress at their own rate.  Master Stock makes all decisions on when a student is ready to test.  Nothing is given, everything is earned.

Master Stock still continues his training with fellow instructors.  He is a student under Grandmaster Terry Reid who he has known for over 20 years.  Grandmaster Reid has been training for over 50 years and is a 10th Degree Black Belt under JoSi Steve Muhammed. 




Karate begins and ends with respect



Attitude determines altitude



Consistent persistence to the end

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818 Tom Hall St #114
Fort Mill, SC 29707

Tel: 803-412-0094

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